I’m just going to try things – Part 1

If it works, then it works. If it doesn’t work, then it was well worth trying.

I’m going to start attempting to go to bed at 9pm.
My bedtime has never been something that I have been proud of. I generally have been struggling to stop what I’m busy with to prepare for bedtime, so I’m just going to do and see what happens. If it lasts, then it’s good. If I fail, I tried!

I have never liked wearing things on my wrists – I think a metal watch strap in primary school irritated me so much that I made it my mission not to wear things around my wrists? _I don’t really know. That was a thumb-suck._
I got colourful bands, but I’m not sharing them between my left and right arms. Same idea behind them as with my socks.

That’s it for now.

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