My weekend and other bobs

Does having a picture in the post make it a more attractive post to read?!? Because my last post has 150% more views than any other post!

My weekend has come and gone so fast that I’m unable to finish all the tasks I had set for myself this weekend. One big task that I completed at 21:30 tonight was the Single wound & Double wound bass string order forms.
I haven’t touched the music that I’m learning, the piano theory that I’ll be writing an exam on, nor have I had the time to play a bit of Skyrim.

Friday night was all about making edits to the double wound bass string diagram. I’m glad that I decided to keep my subscription to Apple Music, because I listened to really cool tracks that I could work to. The wonder of being able to stream music, edit graphic images and keep a browser open with multiple tabs open, plus one or three file browsers. Stoked that I invested in a great custom built PC five odd years ago.

Saturday morning was all about finishing up the graphics and making changes to the form. It was difficult to stop for lunch, but hunger and the thought of seeing the Autistic Support Group again was all I needed.
Lunch was a pizza that I didn’t know was going to be hellishly salty – I was able to swap three pieces of my pizza with Anna’s vegetarian pizza, because anchovies and capers were her favourite pizza toppings. It felt as though I was eating the Dead Sea.
I met Hanlie Scheepers and learned that it’s perfectly alright to take forever to learn a martial art as an aspie, like Taekwando. She is an inspiration, but I gave up Tang Soo Do for other reasons. Plus I’m back to being confused over what to refer myself to – Am I autistic or am I an aspie. I’m caught between the “I agree with scientists,” and the “I disagree with the scientists,” groups once again.

When I got back home I went straight back to the computer to finish the string forms. I used my old and trusty method of labelling my forms with a version number, so I could keep track of changes. I believe that I over simplified the forms, but kept the most important information that I needed to reproduce a string with. My logic had better make sense to piano people and not only to friends and family that saw the forms.

Saturday evening after supper I was tasked with choosing a phone that I would use as a replacement to my current phone. I looked at battery life, size and practical considerations. I have no idea when I last used my earphones, because I don’t use my phone as a music player. If I use my phone and I don’t want to wake anybody up, I put the volume all the way down. The perk of being able to hear a mouse whine. I chose the phone that I will be using without a cover like the one I currently use – all I’ll need is a basic clumsey-proof cover!

Sunday I was planning to visit a church where I could interact with people I haven’t been able to contact and talk with for ages. I naturally woke up after ten in the morning. For breakfast I ate the supper that I had not finished the previous evening. My stomach decided to tie knots because of nerves, for I had no idea how I’d go past a Spar and fetch Eunice by a time that I wasn’t sure of. I let that get to me – I don’t function like most people. I’m different.

Sunday lunch was a fruit salad at Heinrich’s birthday party that I bought instead of meat, because I thought it would be easier to eat with my stomach like it was. It was a great idea, but I didn’t realise that my tongue would be so sensitive. I love pineapples and strawberries, but today I couldn’t have the fruit pieces pass my tongue because they were too acidic. The more alkaline fruit didn’t help much, even if I ate them with the pineapple and strawberry pieces.

I managed to eat supper tonight by initially taking a tiny portion followed by another larger portion, and then ice cream with homemade coffee sauce.
I spotted a few errors on the forms and fixed them before making a PDF of each form and printing them back to back. I find it easier to spot errors when things are printed on paper, than when on a screen. Plus it makes me get up and walk to the printer.

And finally I had my hair cut!
Interesting how the English language lets one talk about the idea of a haircut and hair being cut, just by the structure of the words – a random thought late at night when I realise that I’m going to bed too late.

Oh yeah! I managed to type my blog too – thanks for reading.

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