Some or other day of infinity

Well as you can see, I quit trying to post something after Day 5 of 21. I could blame the fact that I decided not to do anything at the PC on Days 6 through 9. After Day 7 I kept thinking of my post which would need to include so many details of the past few days. I should have been keeping a written diary.

So I don’t know what I did. I can sort of recall bits and pieces, but they are merely a blur.
I decided to make a video on TikTok – A learning curve as I had never entertained the thought of creating anything. My first video was factual. The second was totally silly and the next one was factual again. My fourth video was dumb – I made coffee with beans instead of ground coffee. Not close to being silly.

I’ve been working in the garden – Cutting down tree branches growing over the roof and chipping with a blunt chipper so I guess mulching it instead?

The piano tech group that I’m a member of has been talking about the lockdown and when we can all go back to tuning pianos. And even if we could legally get a permit to work before Level 2. If someone has a permit to go out to tune pianos, then I would be going over all the fine print and the government gazettes to see why the office cannot get a permit and they could obtain a permit for tuning pianos.

I thought about doing a dance on TikTok, but I’m too shy to even show my face. I’ve never liked the photos or videos where my face is showing. Perhaps I should wear a mask?! YES!!
I now think I have the answer to how I would be able to film the dance or dances. Who else? But I will wear a mask!

Remember I was battling with sleep? Touchy subject – I’m still struggling to actually do the gymming that I wanted to do nine months ago! I’m only managing to get out of bed around midday and on occasion ten. Twice I got up around eight. I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Maybe I should do some physical exercise before bed?

Okay, that’s all for now.

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