Day 4 of 21

Being a Monday today, it required me to wear something decent instead of being dressed in my pyjamas all day!
I had decided that I would be working on the project that The Piano Man had given to me to do, and once I finished that project then I would work on the piano that belongs to Craig’s mother-in-law.

My job as a piano tuner requires me to go into people’s homes to tune their piano[s], but since we’re in lockdown I don’t have pianos to go see, therefore I don’t have appointments on the calendar. I did not see that I had a meeting today at 12:00 and I had gone to have a brunch. My phone was charging in my room, so I didn’t hear the WhatsApp messages coming through. Unfortunately, nobody called me to join the meeting. I just received a bunch of text messages :-(

In preparation for the rescheduled meeting, I manually re-routed my audio so that I could use my studio microphone and I got my videocam working. I’m very excited to use my setup tomorrow!
I also got distracted and downloaded Minecraft of all things. May or might not play it though. <- I thought Grammarly would complain, but it simply suggested “Mayor” to correct my spelling!?

I forgot to do my workout again on my home gym setup :oops: but I just jumped into bed instead, 30 minutes past my bedtime.

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