Day 5 of 21

I woke up early this morning at about 3:30 to use the bathroom. I went back to bed but I couldn’t fall asleep again. I’m stressed and anxious about the whole pandemic/junk-status/financial situation. I was paid this morning, but I’m still working in overdraft and I had a small amount owing on my credit card.
I need to downgrade my account like I wanted to do 9 months ago. I hope I can do this during the lockdown.

Yesterday’s meeting had been rescheduled for today, but instead of using Zoom, the meeting had been moved to WhatsApp and so my phone ran and woke me up. I got a big fright, answered my phone, said I’d be right back, turned on my PC and then figured out that it had been moved to another platform. I messaged that I was back and then joined the meeting.

Everyone at The Piano Man Services/Technical has come to the conclusion that life, as we know it, is going to change drastically.
Our piano tuning trade is at a huge risk of dying out – we work in a physical social environment by going to clients to tune, assess or fix their piano[s]. Possibly putting ourselves and others at risk.

The whole world is going to change in a big way. Perhaps we’ll have a different way of using money and earning money is remodelled. A new currency that the whole world uses, so it is fair to everyone. Hopefully starting from scratch so that all debt everywhere is scrapped and everybody starts out with the same (an equal) amount of money.
Can the world really unite and become one?

A piano action with a few hammers attached is waiting for me to complete the job, and to ultimately finish the project…

But wait! I need some daily sun to help me be sane – a walk outside discovering that Cats Claw creeper has a hectic root system of at least 2.5 inches in diameter. It’s almost like semi-underground tree roots.
Also saw a Jasmine from another parent. Yellow flower with seedpods growing as a shrub but almost tree-like.

Gym…I forgot to do my workout yesterday and yesterday I had hoped to do them today, but that never did happen.

I read my book and now I’m off to bed :-D

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