I fall asleep too easily, but why?

I’m slowly figuring out why and when I would fall sleepy. I wanted to read while traveling earlier this year in the backseat of a car and didn’t I expect to feel sleepy so quickly.

Reading about my favourite subject sitting down, or listening to someone speak for more than 15 minutes, are both adequate to placing me under some form of sleep. I have tried all of the tricks to stay awake but none have been able to help me stay awake.

Also, listening to music while trying to work at the computer can put me to sleep. It doesn’t matter what the genre is or how loud the music is even! Rocking helps, but only if I remember to do it.

So going to church and listening will put me to sleep, even if I try to keep focused on staying awake. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t do church anymore!

I want to blog and create video content and mix music, and a bunch more things, but I know that I’m bound to simply fall asleep or feel really sleepy. If you think playing games are immune to this, I’ll disappoint you. I can die in Skyrim while sleeping. Stealthy archers need to be awake!

I know there is a common misconception that I lack sleep, therefore I randomly sleep, but not in my case. Yes I do lack sleep, but I can blame this weekend for my lack of sleep and messing up my sleeping pattern that needs to be sorted out, but um. It doesn’t happen.

I proved this to myself during MDT that getting enough sleep doesn’t help much to keep me from falling asleep. I don’t know what I’ll do during the PTG classes in July, but I’ll try my best to take in all the knowledge I can without falling asleep. Perhaps I should let the presenter know about my condition before they start the class?

A post about my upcoming trip is in the making…