I’m just going to try things – Part 2

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In my attempt to go to bed early, I was both successful and unsuccessful. I’m so used to staying awake till midnight that my body takes a long winding while to switch off and allow me to sleep.

I tried to wear the colourful bangles but the synthetic material that they are made from caused my skin to itch. I enjoyed being colourful as well as curiously giggling each time someone made the suggestion that I looked like I was *cringe* weird!

Not having coffee beans to grind and brew a drink with makes me miss the unique taste profile of bean to drink coffee. No apologies to those in the industry if I get the terms incorrect. Good quality instant coffee doesn’t quite come close to freshly roasted beans, ground and filtered.
So what am I going to try? No real idea, but I did just buy a bag of beans this evening because I miss drinking coffee!

Thirteen days are busy ticking on by and I don’t feel anything. My emotions are mum – my psychological medication has recently been changed and I don’t like the results very much. I think I’ll enjoy my feelings back with the benefit of having an odd panic attack at random. How many “Grammarly” errors can I generate in a paragraph? I’m bemused by the kind of English I’m being forced to type in. No commas before words that are used to join sentences together. And I am pretty sure that the AI behind the Application is a wee bit borked!

Check word usage? Check your AI more like it!

So if I don’t get to post another log, please don’t think I have abandoned the weblogging. I may have become distracted by the new surroundings or small little things like silly Applications within my browser or physical things like rocks, buildings or museums!

I’m going to try posting with the WordPress application on my phone every evening while I’m in Ameriland, or just write pages of text in my journal about what my day entailed. I remember coming back from Zambia and wishing that I had made a log of what I had done every single work-filled day. Also, my pictures and media need a home as well as a backup. I got that sorted too, but I’m not going to be telling anyone what I have done because that, in my opinion, would break my backup solution. I’m also going to [attempt to try to make] use [of] Instagram and perhaps SnapChat more than say Facebook.
In case you cannot find my links to my Instagram and SnapChat accounts:
That Autistic Piano Guy (Piano Apprentice) | Autie.theoddball (Autistic Me?) | aspieboy (Silly Me Again)

I successfully made sure that Grammarly failed, but this will not make me want to buy their solution. I’ll keep it activated for a private joke. Haha! When will this annoy me beyond my capacity?!?

If I can tune a piano with a ticking electric fence energizer behind me in the same room and a radio playing boom-boom music down the passage, then I can learn how to ignore mistaken errors

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