It is only Saturday night?!

I thought tomorrow was Monday, but it is actually Sunday because Friday was a holiday.

    I did quite a few things this last week.

  • One was to modify the registration DNS of cause they were still pointing to the old Intoweb DNS server.
  • I made a “holiday club” domain redirect away from my site on towards a church who has misunderstood me since I joined.
  • I cut out a small piece of some soundboard and brought it home. It broke as soon as I cut it using a jigsaw too close to the template. I’m thinking the blade was too coarse.
  • I made some bass piano strings and I stripped some old buzzing bass piano strings.
  • I organised money for use during my trip in less than a month’s time.
  • I fixed the 85th key on a client’s piano that was sticking.
  • I played about three hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • I planned a visit to the Moog factory in the US – so very exciting, after the piano convention. Something that I can wait for as I’m more than eager to experience the piano convention…
  • I tried to go back to getting to bed before 22:00 (didn’t work).

Tonight I found an old post as I was checking the redirection of blogger sites just for the fun of doing something silly and random. I secretly wish for my life to go back to the stability I experienced before I discovered what I have been capable of doing. That’s not supposed to make sense unless you know my secret identity or you are my imaginary friend who passed on once I discovered in the previous sentence.

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