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I have too much on my mind at this time of my life – I’m not even sure that I’m sitting on my chair in my brother’s old room typing on my keyboard, but I am.

I have used my credit card more than I have gone to petrol stations, but I needed to as this is what planning for travel requires one to use. With all that is going on, I totally forgot about my yearly hosting fees until I tried to log on and make a new post. Thank goodness for automated systems! Today is a public holiday, but the server doesn’t care. I paid my dues and within moments my website was back up and running. (It was down for 129 hours, 9 minutes and 11 seconds).

Have you been to the so called scary dark web in the depths of the deep web?
The amount of <censored> you can find using the wrong keywords is disturbingly awkward and the .random site URLs are complex to recall unless bookmarked. I’m not going to warn you or tell you not to browse inside, but unless you have no interest in reading in non-English and fictitious stories, it is as boring as finding out that a secret [censored] club has no <censorable censored content to censor>. I used a virtual machine, VPN, multiple proxies and Tor. Oh and please for the sake of sanity, this had nothing to do with hacking.
Trust me. You don’t want to look – there are some sick things in cyberspace.

So yes, this is a slight and short list of the contents of my brain’s feed.
I’m slightly corrupt and need to defrag my brain – Good night!?