Mass productivity during study periods

I need to be reading material for an exam I’ll be writing in July at the 60thPTG Convention in St.Louis, MO.
Instead of doing what I should be doing, my mind is thinking of all the things I should do quickly, like recording a song involving two cats, making a video to tell my friends about my upcoming trip to the US, soldering some electronic components together, composing a trance anthem involving another of those two cats, practicing being a cat, surfing Instagram, snapping some filter shots on Snapchat, reading fiction on my kindle, paging through a big thick book about theology, browsing the app store for useless apps that I don’t need, playing Skyrim or Portal II, browsing Apple music, playing with toys, finding and then learning a short piano piece to play to check my tuning other than the right-hand of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Oh When The Saints¬†among others…

I could work out the left-hand, but then.

Oh for crying out loads of loud soft pianos (yeah, I know it’s the other way around – PianoForte), I need to study!!!!!!!!

But wait, I just wanted to say that my favourite thing to do is to sing (for myself since I don’t like spotlights making me HOT!).

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