I’m going over the seas in a big craft that flies

Well, it will be my first time flying over the seas towards the USA.
I’m excited and also unsure of what lies on that part of the earth.

Raymond made the suggestion last year that I attend the PTG (Piano Tuners Guild) Convention later this year. I am quite glad that I have this opportunity to attend a piano convention. I also get to visit string makers and my cousins whom I have not met except on facebook.

Our first stop, for two days, to acclimatise in that time zone and latitude is in Washington, DC. I have heard so much about Washington, but I have no real idea what to do when I’m there.  I’m sure my mother will know what things would interest me the most.

We then move on to St. Louis where the convention will take place. I arrive a few days before the start of the convention so that I can browse the city, etc.

After the convention, we drive down to Nashville, TN. This is where one of the string making shops is. We will be here for two days.

Then we’re off driving to Ashville, NC.
I will get to meet the family and take in as much as I can of my surroundings.
Plus we’ll be traveling up north to another string making factory.

Finally, we will fly to back Washington and then fly home.

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