I knew something was odd about me in 2012

I found an old blog entry on Tumblr and I’m thinking that in 2012 I knew something was odd about me. Somewhere deep down I knew I could be autistic! Without further ado, enjoy!!

Ye old published date = 26 Nov 2012, 23:18
My ideas (that were)

This weekend I went up (or along, cause they are the same height above sea level as Pretoria is) to see my aunt, uncle and cousins near Haenertsburg, Limpopo.

My aunt is now wheelchair bound and has a speech disorder. It baffled me the first time I saw her. I was shocked and horrified for the first day. I always remembered her to be the life of the household – cheerfully talking and loving you madly!

Traumatized is putting it lightly.

This got me thinking. Between looking in the kindle bookshop and reading samples and buying an odd book on Asperger Syndrome (Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence by Luke Jackson), I was pondering over ME. I discovered that I was a late-talker. I was spoilt. I simply pointed and received. No vocals needed. I went to speech therapy – I remember that. Before I have no one to ask, I intend to ask every question that I can so that I can learn who I was and perhaps understand why I am so damned SILENT!

So I had this idea of a new computer to play minecraft on and edit music, and hopefully get involved in more games. I even pledged money towards a music project and applied for beta membership. Now at this point in time, I’m rethinking. I know who can use the beta membership and get things out of it that I could only dream about. I was uneasy about spending R10K on a pc that could either be a waste, or be turned into something good, or be used in bragging rituals. I know for a fact that I start big things and then they die half way. Yet this will not stop me, cause I will get my PC!!

Lighting is beginning to become a sour victim of that. My poetry was first – it lasted two and a half years; My vent dummy Jaime – lasted a few years; I picked up painting with oil pastels; Lighting came into the spotlight, and now recently a ministry has stepped in. Before I can go further, I am keen to find out more about me and my childhood.

This past weekend came and now I’m hooked on reading books and driving my parents crazy with multiple questions about my childhood.

I don’t know how that happened, but it happened.

My ideas have been bazookah’d into smithereens………

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