I guess I’m dancing

Did you know that I’m doing both Ballet and Contemporary Dance?
Well, now you know what I’m doing every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
I didn’t think that I would come this far. I’m slowly learning what names go with which stance or movement. Using wikis and a few web pages making notes here and there is beginning to confuse me. Perhaps I could put all my notes in my own wiki using my own words and organizing it in a way that I’ll understand. Yeah. Just a wiki thought…
(“Just a little thought” for those that did not catch the humour!)

I would like to try making a friend or few. I’m not sure how I’d get that right, but I’ll keep trying to figure out how to talk to someone who is more interested in their phone or seemingly doesn’t want to talk. That’s just my perception of what their body language is telling me.

I’ve remembered one name. Mark. He has done Jazz and Contemporary before, so I tend to try to follow him. Although the ladies. Yeah no um. Why am I so scared to make friends? Maybe I should not be so hard on myself. Anyway, I’m following one or two of them and in the Contemporary class, all the ladies move to the back so I’m forced to not look at anyone else but the instructor. I’ll try using it to my advantage. Learning how to comprehend dance moves and remembering how it all fits together – Music, beats, words and emotion.
I’ll admit that I am a bit scared to let go and attempt feeling the music intertwining with movement. Also falling to the floor and moving around. Yeah. Not happening cause I’m getting confused with which leg to use.
“It’s a slow dance.” – eh? It’s moving at a pace faster than demonstrated. I’m not getting used to practising movements slow and then speeding it up (x15) causing me to get lost in the mass of movement. The trouble with me is that I want to get everything correct and it’s an adjustment to learn thing step by small step while everyone around me knows what they are doing.
Just. Learn. It. Slow. One at a time. Go into your own world and enjoy yourself.

Not easy to change how I do things, but I want to do this right. Learning movement names, stretching and developing my core so I balance and stand up straight shall be my first port of call.

The other guy there has been correcting me with my posture and tum tums. If I could only remember his name!

Bear with me. I only started mid-February this year and I’m pushing myself to be better than I can be with only a few weeks of learning! Must be an autistic thing?!

And I get too hot even with no sleeve tops, but then I am wearing tight longs. I should take a towel with me next time.

Yip. This is all you get to read for now!

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