The April 2018 Post

I guess I should at least have a post for April 2018.

I have had so many things happen in the past month or so that I have not found the time to sit down and write something decent.
This is meant to be a blog but some days I feel I am missing the plot, so I do not even bother with this blog. My pen just rolled off my desk onto the floor. I picked it up. I typed, “I picked it up.” but that was a lie.

My pen is still lying peacefully on the carpet covering the wooden floor, *cough* and I um, noticed that my spacebar did not function after the word “Pen” ;)
The keyboard that I’m currently typing on has been lifted higher than it has ever been lifted for typing purposes, but it is crying out for replacement. Spacebar. Indeed, the Spacebar is faulty at random and it makes proofreading into a wicked sport! This is not the only input device that is behaving badly. My phone’s touch keyboard is annoying because I either hit the backspace after touching the T or the T is unresponsive at random. I have accidentally erased the odd character with my left thumb which is actually my right thumb, so yes. Annoying.

Yesterday at the monthly Autistic meeting for Aspies, Autistic individuals and the parents of Super Autistic children, I was asked if I have found a church to go to. I said no. I am unable to concentrate on the sermon or the worship because I am distracted too easily, and I tend to fall asleep while sitting and listening. If I think back to 2014’s MDT experience, I remember falling asleep during the lectures too…
I digress.
I am now listening to Planetshakers, which is the first time in a long time. I normally skip the third track, Dance, because it reminded me too much of pain and rejection. All I remember from that traumatic experience was my sudden withdrawal from Missions and Church. The people from my home church felt like they deserted me, both after returning from MDT and my failure to return to church.
I was always that guy who went the extra mile and spoke to people who had not been back to church. Sadly I seem to have been the only person to have done that, except the Children’s Pastor and my best friend whom I met at church too many years ago.
I am very aware that I can be hurt easily. I misunderstand people both verbally and non-verbally, and I myself am too ofter misunderstood by other people. This often led to fights that I never really understood.

Anyway, all this is leading me towards complex sadness.

Moving on, I’m excited that I will be finally meeting Brian McTear in a couple of months, as well as exploring piano factories and learning things South Africa could not have taught me!
Plus I might be able to witness the biggest pipe organ too. Organs are special to me because they led me on towards the Piano industry.

Come to think of it, I have been using more of Instagram than Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and this blog?!
So I think it’s best to direct you to Instagram if this blog does not share all the titbits that you would like to see. Simply move your mouse over to the top of this page onto Social Contact and when the menu opens, click on either of the two Instagrams.

Before you leave me hanging, I would like to share with you what I have done since I started Ballet earlier this year.
My computer screens, mouse pad and keyboard have all been raised higher so that I have to sit up. It does not work all the time, but it has been helping me to keep an upright posture, although I do not really use this PC much anymore.
I discovered that my ankle was weak and it caused me to think that I had injured the poor thing. I have just forgotten what word I had wanted to use.
The exercises and stretches that were prescribed for the strengthening of my ankle have been helping loads, and for some outrageous reason, I decided to have another go at the BarBrothers 12 week program. It went well until I became ill and decided to pause it for a week. I do fear however that I may not start up again because my routine (I remembered my word after describing it.) has reverted back to what it was before I started with physiotherapy for my ankle.

When I was a church-going Christian guy doing all the things that good Christian guys do, I knew how to defend others when it came to misunderstood Biblical references. Sadly I am not lacking in that regard of making sense. Let me try that sentence again.
Sadly I am lacking in the Biblical department. Why? It is not because of no church. It is because I have not been reading Biblical texts. I am awfully out of practice…

I thought I might try to make this blog a wonderful essay of one thousand words, but I have nothing more to say and I am roughly one hundred words away from my aimed mark of one thousand words.

Have you ever done the above in an essay before?
Expanding numbers and not using shortcuts so you don’t miss out on using the extra word of nine?

My reason for not using contractions is because I am not writing out a speech where I say, “don’t” instead of “do not” for it might take up my allotted time.

Oh dear! I have not mentioned pianos yet. Strange, but not that strange!
This long weekend I have been working on two piano actions and barely used fifty litres of air to dust them clean. That reminds me that I should do a customer experience or review of Adendorff Machinery Mart soon.

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