Emo blackmailing isn’t going to work anymore

A time-capsuled post from 11 July 2016: I think this was something to do with young people, my local church and trying to know a few friends more personally…

There was a time when telling me, that my friends will miss me, would prevent me from leaving. It has taken years of social studies for me to figure out that the word ‘friend’┬áis just a meaningless word in my context. The friendliness of the people I know are a bit young and I don’t want to be that creepy guy. I know I’m seen as being weird by hardly if ever saying anything to anyone.

Not one of those friends of mine who would miss me have gotten to know me and made an attempt at communicating with me. It seems as though I have to make all the effort with no returns on my frequent investments.

If you try turning this argument against me, then please become that friend who allows me to get to know you and spend time with you? Don’t dodge my attempts at arranging a meeting.