My secret moo cow

A time-capsuled post from 13 October 2015: I think this was something to do with my still active journey in my very secret and personhood that I still haven’t shared with anyone who doesn’t deserve to know my pure inner secrets…

I have a part of me that I’m not proud of, but I have learned and I’m still learning to live with it. In school I hid it very well because I didn’t know it was called anything – I thought it was a growing phase like the school psychologist said it was, but she totally missed it and gave me a bad label that stuck with me for a very long time and influenced me badly. Social networks back in the day were networks of forums (bulletin boards/BB) and IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and perhaps ICQ, but none of the cool kids used that nonsense! (When games with mice were seen as silly by the not-so-cool kids.)
This part of me is draining on my emotions and ultimately my life, because I have found that I spend too much time over it. Most people miss this, even the people who think they know about it and dismiss it as another lie I’m believing. A few people know and understand this part of my life that I wish I never knew. And no, I’m not talking about a short word or a longer word. I’m talking about a mind numbing activity that came from a child-like game many moons ago before the age of Dr. Halo!

In other words: I have secrets and I’m not sharing them with you no matter how hard you try ask for them. Please stop asking. Only God and three humans know. My God is helping me and I don’t need you to butt in as though I’m the princess in distress. Maybe when God gives the go-ahead I’ll share, but till then I am not saying, writing or typing anything!