A bit of something new

I need to get my brain to concentrate on something other than pixels (games, YouTube, etc.). I’d like to rekindle my singing voice just for fun and well, I think I’d enjoy singing along more if my range were up to spec! I also need to develop constant strength for making [piano] bass strings, because tensioning the copper while making a long string is somewhat tiring.

For the singing, I have started working on a fun song that I have transposed down to a baritone range and slowed it from 104 bpm down to 40 bpm. It is a duet, so when I find falsetto I will record and maybe play my banjo as accompaniment. Perhaps I could also make a CD to sing along to as I learn the parts?!? Oh, and I can give someone a clue: What do I do at random; those sounds I make?

I’m not sure if the world knows that I once attempted to follow the Bar Brothers System, a 12 week training schedule. Well that went south pretty quickly… I know I shouldn’t make excuses, so I will not bore myself trying to explain via pixels how I managed to allow The System to fly south!

Autism has its ups and downs. It has certainly led me on an interesting journey where I discovered loads of new things and then some, stoic for the win!! Plus thank you for the cat scratching introduction to TeaTree Oil!

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