I have a bug

If you have not seen it by now (unless I removed the critter), then perhaps you are not phased by insects inside your display. The crawling critter will not harm your device in any way. I know of some people that will find entertainment in this bug, including me, so keep your eyes peeled and do not blink or you may miss it…

Apart from the bug, I have found that humans (no matter their age) are all the same. Not in the mood to explain, because I am still working through the dilema. Congratulations if you follow my thoughts. You are not meant to, but hey? Is this a useless paragraph to fill a space?

I do have some awesome news to share, but I am not too sure how to share it yet. I have ideas to create content like video – storage [$R$R$R].

…ti ssim yam uoy ro knilb ton od dna deleep seye ruoy peek os ,em gnidulcni ,gub siht ni tnemniatretne dnif lliw taht elpoep emos fo wonk I .yaw yna ni ecived ruoy mrah ton lliw rettirc gnilwarc ehT .yalpsid ruoy edisni stcesni yb desahp ton era uoy spahrep neht ,(rettirc eht devomer I sselnu) won yb ti nees ton evah uoy fI

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