Twenty 17

I can remember getting up for school when I was in primary school many years ago and I was told that I need to wake up on time to develop this skill of being prepared and making sure that I am on time. Well in the years up till now, I have been trying really hard to wake up and get to places on time. I still battle with time. It is not strange for me that after all these years I am still struggling with time because I have been living with autism my whole life. This is just one facet of my life with autism that is getting the spotlight – there are more where that one came from!

I’m looking forward to this year because there are gems within the year that I┬áhave to find on these future adventures.

The first thing I should address is Grammarly: An attempt to mould my way of writing to an American one. I use it for spelling but have found that I strangely┬ádon’t have to punctuate my sentences the way that I was taught to in school. It is quite irritating to see a red score in places I would never guess them to be. I’m also guessing that if I had to take a paragraph out of a book I will see many things in red?

The next thing is Google AdSense.
I thought it would be wonderful to perhaps earn something to help pay for my internet access. First I tried to monetize my YouTube account and then I thought I would add my blog, but Google doesn’t work that way around. I had to delete my YouTube AdSense before I could create an AdSense account for my blog. My one problem now is somehow a lack of content. How many keys do I have to depress in order to create content that Google is happy with? My blog is full of words with a picture or two here and there. I hope to win this little battle by attempting to blog more. Timing when I start blogging is the hard part. I must now try stopping my thoughts to head to my bedroom and lay myself down on the bed. Not an easy feat.

My last address for this blog post is bedtime.
I need to attempt halting all progress in whatever I am doing so that I can find myself in bed earlier rather than later. My whole life has been a song about going to bed early, earlier, earliest. There is some nerve that refuses to feel sleep and act on it. I think it is the same with hunger. I learned to ignore hunger pangs in high school and I learned how to recognise them a few years ago. I need to learn what sleep is so that I can use it to my advantage. On the hunger note, I do sometimes sleep on a hunger pang because I am just a bit too lazy to potentially wake others when I disarm the house to go get some food, which is normally ProVita and chocolate spread mixed with peanut butter.

Good night.