Day 3, 4 & 5 @ Think Big Holiday Club 2015

If you thought that you would perhaps see Day 3 a day later, then you may blame an old tablet for losing the post? No. I blame the epic craziness and the lack of sleep!

I thought filming children at the Holiday Club this year would be a piece of cake.
On Day one I was a manic explosion of camera here, camera there. On Day two I couldn’t be stopped. On Day three I felt like I was getting ill and slowed down a bit by sleeping on the couch in the shed (hall) after clean up. The stage had dramatically been transformed into a media-junkie’s dream, well only really within the zero budget of course!

All I can say is that the worship night changed my thinking about a whole bunch of things. I will share one concept…

It is over. You are forgiven. God has lifted you up, so keep on walking away when you tire from running. Don’t give up! You can do anything through Christ Jesus.
Trying is like resting on the path. Stop trying. Walk!

My life is really complex, but it has a simple solution that I very often over look and try running to other people to help me. Sure I get the help in that moment and I’m sometimes taught how to sustain that help. Often I get deferred and told to wait in line, and then the trouble starts because I rest on the path. I draw pictures in the sand and if I’m lucky then there will be a piece of broken glass I can use to start a fire on the ant nest! If only I had the guts to walk, then I wouldn’t have burnt down the field of sun flowers ready for harvest. I could have jumped backwards over my last hurdle or started on a new way to hop over a hurdle in front of me.

…So now you have a tiny snippet snapshot of my mind!

Day four was the day I thought I’d get to the morning welcome program. Wow, children sure do have energy! They loved The Monkey dance and wanted to “sing” the dance all the time.
A special treat was waiting for them later that morning. It was a cool day inside and the dress for the day was pajamas. Crazy to see grown-ups wearing pajamas, but then there was the sun. It heats things up and I didn’t think that through before I ran outside.

The Holiday Club organisers had made sure that career day was special for everyone. There was a library, a plumber, a water purification plant, an ambulance with paramedics, a fire truck with firemen, a police exhibit and a few more. When I grew up schools took you to fire stations and you got to see a fire drill and that super duper foam. In high school I remember there was a prison visit, but only the naughty kids got to go which I found to be really unfair. Also when they took the science class and split us according to grades…, but that’s for another topic on another day when I feel like talking about school and feeling like an outcast.

I think it was Thursday afternoon, but anywho…
I met an old colleague from Intoweb who just happened to have a piano that needed a tuning :P

Thursday afternoon was annoying for me cause I spent time relaxing in the car and typing out my blog for Day 3, but I learnt a good lesson about any technology object. Always make a copy into a notepad if you are using a browser that doesn’t support drafts. Or better yet, type your blog post into a notepad and then paste it into the browser where you can’t make little edits unless you backspace all the way to the error and re-type the entry.

Thursday night was an entertaining affair. It was the Leaders’ Appreciation Dinner.
The way I saw it was not the way most people would see a formal dinner-like event. It was chaos from the very beginning. There were so many distractions for me that I didn’t know what to do with myself.
I enjoy not being in the lime-light, but I also somewhat enjoy the feeling of being recognised. I was surprised when Damon called me out for filming. I felt like a fly on the wall. I have been taught many times how to interact with people, but in that situation with so many variables flying high I get lost and lose focus – I’m like a child in a colour-filled, scent enriched sweet shop!
What I battled to understand was the seating arrangements. It was confusing because it looked like a mess of people, but I did enjoy being surrounded by people almost half my age doing fun things.

Lucky there were no candles to be played with, but there were many streamers and bobbing balloons filled with helium. The streamers took flight early, hitting heads and just missing the mugs of soup.
And then someone cut open a balloon and spoke Chipmunk. A few balloons floated to safety, and many died to the blade. It is a silly practice. It is better to learn how to pass air through your larynx faster. Why, you may ask? Well it is a dangerous practice to occasionally breathe from helium filled balloons – this is my opinion, because I can speak Chipmunk without using the lazy person’s trick!

I have a feeling that it helped having had told my care-group that I’m autistic when we shared random facts about ourselves. It’s just a feeling and I have no solid proof to back that theory up with.

The final day, Day five¬†was filled with The Monkey dance much to the MC’s dismay:
The grade 4 & 5’s rushed back into the hall when they heard the music, but were too late to join in. So the grade 2 & 3’s got a double-dance. It was fun filming the children and humourous seeing the tired-out leaders after the second dance!

Holiday Club was not meant to come to an end, but it does the same thing every year: Holiday Club ends :(
The clean-up before parents arrive is always a mad rush. Lots of litter and black bags being filled. I was part of the girl powered team who took the trash to the dumping ground. Near the end I got bored and started picking up litter – I needed a shopping bag.

It was sad to see that Holiday Club came to rest without another Monkey dance – those children who got sweets late in the evening needed to jol a bit to get rid of all their unspent energy.

Oh and I didn’t play Minecraft (Tekkit) or Skyrim for a whole week – EEK!?!