Just being friendly

Tonight I walked towards the pay station at The Grove typing a status update on my phone. I almost walked into a shop through the glass wall, but I’m glad I looked up when I did. As I approached the station I posted my status and noted that it was strangely set to ‘only me’ instead of ‘public’ or ‘friends’ – I edited my post, copied the text and pasted it into a new update and changed the privacy setting back to what it should be.

As I was inserting my card the group next to me were frantic about something. I paid my parking and got change. I was curious so I strolled three feet forward and saw they owed R1. My hand went into my pocket and found a R2 coin to pop into the slot. Boom!!
I don’t think I even asked if I may pay and I was so full of happiness-joy that I don’t think I allowed them an opportunity to say thanks, because I said it was only one Rand…

I ran into security who informed me which exit to use and I happily walked to my car, trying to figure out if he meant the ramp or the boom to the right on the left…

I had green lights all the way home, cause the traffic lights were being robots and I travelled at their frequency?!

No idea who those surprised people were. All I know is that they were younger than me and the gal was more shocked than the two guys. It just happened so fast and I guess I was just being friendly.