Day 2 @ Think Big Holiday Club 2015

SHO!! This morning was not cold. How is that possible?! I have never experienced such a warm Holiday Club – Odd, but true!

Friends are the reason why I have a camera to film with – Thanks Ett Venter!!
Today I got to see the morning session and I kinda wish I was a kid again. These children are having such a great time and the leaders are facilitating the fun in amazing ways. My memories of Holiday Club are good, but bad in comparison to what I saw and experienced today.

Being a videographer is tiring work to say the least – I came home this afternoon to drop off something and thought I’d take a quick nap, but that turned out to be a long nap… And this explains why this post is short and sweet :P

The evening session was an eye-opener for the groups. Here is a quick snapshot of one of the tins
ForgivenIf you wonder why I don’t have pictures from this morning, it is because I gave all the footage to the photography guy, JB.

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