Day 1 @ Think Big Holiday Club 2015

This morning I woke up when it was still dark and awkwardly not as cold as I thought it would be!
I had an overkill of clothing items on and I kept them on until I had time to run to my car to put them out of the way. Had a very interesting way of warming up with the leaders – a good time of stretching before the children began arriving!

I had the task of finding a camera and then taking kiddie-shots of all the grade 2, 3, 4 & 5’s – shame, one little guy was scared that he was going to go to prison because his mom joked that it was his mug-shot!

There are plenty of autistic children, which I feel excited about even though I’m only the photographer and will not be leading any of them. I also noted two blind individuals and I’m really stoked that they were able to enjoy themselves and take something away with them today.

I filmed more than I took stills and I have Frank Roberts to thank for teaching me how to film – it seemed to me that I did more than was expected of me which is really exciting! I know I take a whole bunch of pictures at The Piano Man, but now there are so many distractions that it is hard to take all the pictures I want to take.

After I had consumed all the power the battery could give me, I printed the grade 4 & 5’s kiddie-shots and started cutting them out will a “gelatine” guillotine. Time was not on our side and the printer made light of the pictures, so it was decided to rather hand out the pictures tomorrow.

After lunch I helped my care-group clean up the hall and then I took two lovely people whom I forgot their names, ergh – sorry Carey’s… Came back and started looking for the old lighting desk to use it to control the two flashy lights to make them stay a single colour during worship.
I was shocked when I found the control desk on top of its box full of dust and the bird’s nest that fell from the roof. I pulled it down with its box and noted that the power supply was missing. That wasn’t my main concern. I was more worried about the DMX cable being used somewhere as audio cable. Digital and analogue cables shouldn’t be mixed in my opinion. It is like trying to use a small funnel instead of a large funnel and expecting the same results with both.
I managed to get something to work even though I mixed and matched with what I could find!

The evening worship was great and I really enjoyed being in my own space worshiping God for what He has been doing for others and myself. Here is a 10 second clip I took on my phone.

Mark shared about Jehovah Jireh re the Lord’s Prayer and then we got into our care groups where EVERYONE was yawning, or maybe it was just me? Then the night was closed off and people either went for showers, hot chocolate or their cars to go home :)

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