Day 1 of 21

Day one of the South African LockDown…

I woke up late because I waited for a Dan to come by after 22:00 on Thursday to fetch 2x 8GB DDR3 RAM (computer memory), as with the replacement Mobo (computer motherboard) I now use 1x 16GB DDR4 RAM.

Breakfast was simply some yoghurt as lunch was coming soon. I decided to tune the house piano because it was a Friday. I opened up the piano and put the front panel and fallboard onto the lounge furniture (clients generally don’t offer their furniture to be used.) instead of onto the floor :-P :-D

After lunch, I tuned the piano so that later in this LockDown I could practice laying a temperament :-)
Once done I walked away to wash my hands again and then sat down in front of my PC to do some important stuff… (investigate the failed activation and play Skyrim SE!)

At some point in time, my mom came into the room to tell me that she wanted to watch Netflix and discovered that she couldn’t sit anywhere – oops
I quickly put the piano back together, had supper, made coffee with non-store-bought beans and then ran back to the PC to play more Skyrim.

If you’re wondering, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of my most frequently played game. I play PC games. Consoles take multiple co-ordination skills of which I don’t possess!

To top my day off, I did my usual Friday night trick. I went to bed late and then read in bed to fall asleep. The genre I’m prone to read can keep me in the book until I finish it. To fall asleep successfully every time I read, I guess I should buy a technical book on music-induced pumpkins…

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