There are reasons behind the lack of new posts

It is with regret that I have not been an active blogger (nothing new :-P )

I’ve had lots of other things to take my attention away from my blog, 2019 through 2020.
Anxiety over a [long-awaited] contract that took months to agree on, major depression, a few stupid decisions, money, ridding myself of bad/evil internet-related memberships, lightning damage (especially to my  PC, an alarm interface as well as a BlueTooth adapter to link my computer to a stereo in my room), motherboard replacement investigation, USA trip cancelled before it was planned, etc.

I won’t divulge any details here though.
Too traumatic to share, and being autistic has shown me how dangerous things could become if I don’t talk to people when my world has come crashing down on me [in July 2019].

I’ll make a new start since Covid-19 ([Novel] Coronavirus Disease) has had a strong effect on the way the humans of the earth function.

Laughter might be the soothing medicine for the Homo Sapien species… :lol:
Don’t let me stop the development of a vaccine; The severity of [the Novel] Covid-19 is deadly – not my intention to make a joke here at all! I’m majorly affected since my trade requires me to go into people’s homes and so most people have cancelled their piano tuning appointments. Plus it puts me at major risk of infection – I really wish that I could get a glove to fit my whole body? Would clothing become dangerous and Hazmat-Suits the norm? Imagine living in a world where skin cannot touch anything ever again!

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