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Today while eating supper at the OM Training Base I was told, “At least you don’t have to worry about newsletters?!”
I kinda sorta hinted at my blog and when I got home I decided to get going with My Blog again.

It is disappointing that I have not used this as a public journal and log of what is happening in my life.

Recently I have been following Instagram and YouTube posts and discovering some quite interesting facts as well as witnessing bullying (online). I have also been tuning a few more pianos than I used to tune. Grammarly thinks my tuning should rather be turning and I should check my word usage. Annoying.
I am learning more about what I need to do and have discovered why I must enforce the rule of NO work emails before bedtime, because I forget and people don’t read an email that they are CC’d in.

Today I went to buy a new motor for a vacuum cleaner – I need one to use in the workshop and to finish clearing out the garage spaces. Amusing that I did not go out to a computer shop to buy stuff? Nope, I have had enough of computers and I can thank the working conditions at my last job for that. I guess I should have stressed the fact that I did not have a Time-Turner?!?
The motor is still in the box. I have come home from tuning [my first Baldwin] a piano Made in the USA that used to be on the Doulos ship that has found itself in the OM Training Base in Boschkop, Pretoria. That was a very interesting piano to open. The rats had taken eight bridle tapes and used them as a nest inside the piano. It got a lovely clean and has been tuned!

I decided to write a blog post before installing the motor, and then I’ll jump into bed so that I can get up tomorrow to go visit Holy Spirit Filled Life in Centurion at 9am.
Oh and sometime in the near future, I would like to go see IT before 21 September 2017.

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