The day after I’m 32

Today I feel well spent, but also a bit old and sad.

Why sad? Well it is pretty simple.
I had ALL the time in the world to keep fit and to strengthen my core to prevent back pain and the like, but I didn’t. I sat on my arse dreaming about having long hair and bigger arms, legs and abs. I got the long hair right though. That was the easy part! Hair takes patience and tolerance – simple.
If, if, if…

Today my back hurts right in the middle. No I did not move a piano, but I did move a rock or three a few weeks ago. Some car guard decided that the jumbled up rocks painted white to the side of the driveway looked way better if they were all lined up (so that another car could be parked there, blocking the view of the road for The Piano Man and making life dangerous again).
I remember during the first heat-wave weekday that I lay down on the cool floor, lifted my arms in a stretch and heard a click in my back when my arms were almost perpendicular to my torso. If that makes sense?!? My back was fine after that!

A few hours have past since I typed the paragraphs above – I’m lacking the energy, because I’m not active enough. I plan on changing that. I will start looking out for a boxing bag that I can practice some Tang Soo Do on. Imagining the bag is another person to fight against – I’ve been told that the more I practice sparring against an imaginary opponent, then the better it becomes when I have to spar in class… I could always dress the bag in some old clothing?!?
I’m not a fan of fighting, but I’d rather be prepared for a fight if one ever comes my way!

Being more active begins by having a better bedtime schedule, and perhaps making time in the morning for some stretching.
Good night!