Second part of my first flight overseas

If you think I slept, Dr. Steven Strange and Boss Baby kept me awake. Lunch was an interesting mix of pasta and something else. All I remember is finding a toothpick. The water tasted different and the bottles were much easier to open. And going up was easier. Clouds are amazing. They looked like giant cookies at one stage over the ocean. Now it’s a mass of firefighting foam. 

Please bear in mind that I have not slept in many hours and by the time I get to Washington I will need to stay awake to sleep when the time comes. My eyes want bathe in a pit of desert sands. I got no useful tears. I have tried crying, laughing and meowing to no avail!

The air hosts are friendly and my window makes for bad pictures cause crack-like ice…

Audiobook of The COLOUR of MAGIC by Terry Pratchet. Oh. Ice cream!

And then a mush of things happened including the part where the clouds were awesomeness and seeing railway tracks, rivers and driving on the other side of the road. Oh and landing!!!

I need to pee, but then I know this might be keeping me awake right now. Been roughly 25 hours since I last slept. And the internet here is amazing! It’s so fast compared to what I’m used to!!!!

This is a long and snakee line…

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