My maiden overseas flight

Well it starts like any other flight, but then I have a charging port and earphones port without conventional earphones: iPhone lightning. So I started playing a game called Mickey’s House Party and I solved all his plumbing woes and then the food came. I just ate Chicken Nuggets and had a milkshake too.  First came the amenities and headphones!!!! Freaking awesome!?! Next came a food tray with good looking food on it. I’m just not hungry. Movies!
I chose “A Dog’s Purpose.” Ethan and Bailey were a good fun pair to watch. I guess I did get a peculiar feeling to start nibbling on the salad first. Bleh, olives. I could taste them in the tomatoes, but I liked the tomatoes too much to not eat. The hostesses kept asking if I was done, so I ate the pudding. It was lekker and I kept keeping them at bay by eating it like a barone which reminds me of Greg Wynn. 

After the movie I’m not in the mood to sleep. I finish the water and decide to type for my blog. Can’t do this without music, so Dutch DJs it is with Armin Van Buuren!

Turbulence. I’m stuck in my seat. My bum. Hurt. I’m hot like a char-grilled potato. Wait. I can take off the blanket and pull the pillow out from under me. My mood improves. Maybe I can get my sleeping pattern aligned. Oh, math. 
I smell cheese and crackers! I need to go. Oh look! More water… Ding! Yay we can get up and walk, and go take a selfie in the loo?!

I took my jumper off. I’m still hot. Walking down the isles on an aircraft takes practice. We’re flying above Central African Republic. This is a great way to explore music, see movies and blog offline. 

Oh look at this touchscreen map night view. Fifteen minutes till ten pm. I’m going to get comfy and try sleep. 

Didn’t get into R.E.M. so guess I’m an equivalent of a zombie right now? Enjoying a Stroopwafel (Dutch Caramel Waffle) and a Douwe Egberts coffee. 

As my maiden overseas flight, I was impressed by the entertainment offered and not really impressed with the seats. My bum still hurts!

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