Oh shock and horror – yes, I am older than I look!

Today I was supposed to wake up normal time and go to church in the morning. Sadly that did not happen even though I went to bed when I was tired before 10pm?!

When I did venture outside, I found myself around younger people. One or two people over twenty one, but most of the youngsters were under eighteen. Somewhere deep inside I love being around people either much older or really younger than myself.

I think the best part of being around such crowds is that the older people tend to think I’m still in school. I did enjoy the “Guess how old I am?” game, but that’s so old and boring. It is way better to enjoy the pure shock or horror, or both, from the people who ask what grade I’m in or what I’m studying!
Maybe I should be a troll and say I’m in grade 11 and studying no-clue physics in my spare time? No thanks. That constitutes lying and I’m trying my best not to lie too much.
I always said I am an apprentice with The Piano Man, which is a good beginning to a long conversation.

Maybe I’m far too honest, except if you ask me about my secret private life. The one where not even I know what I do sometimes!

On another note, I had to disable some sensors in the garage because a rat must have eaten a wire or three. Oh and I signed up for the photographic team at Holiday Club this year. One problem though. I don’t have a camera, as a camera is defined as a DSLR and not a silver brick that uses AA batteries…I think. I might be wrong. All I know is the last time I took stills or a video with the silver brick, the images were full of grains and other much desired noises.

That’s all for now I think.

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