My needs

Whether I like it or not, I need help and prayer.
I will be attending OM’s Missions and Discipleship Training.

I have no doubt in God or His plans for me, but without me telling the world my needs, no one will know what I need – I’m not sure many people know the extent of my needs.

For the MDT and my chronic medication I need R6200 each month for 6 months (although I think it is 5 months, but will check that fact ASAP).
After my training I will have to travel to where ever the ship will be (it’s not that simple, but I don’t want to bore :P ) and for now I don’t know what the financial need will be for this yet, but I do know that my monthly need will be less.

Please Pray with me for sufficient financial support,so that I can attend MDT next year.

I have attached a debit order form to this post, and I will have a link to the file in the menu soon.
Malcolm Debit Order

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