I need a blog (so I created one!)

I cannot rely on facebook to relay information, because not everyone is on facebook.

My intention with this blog is to keep my partner base informed, although this will not really happen for the time of my 5 month training. I know I will have the opportunity on the ship to keep people updated through this blog and newsletters.

Right now I’m finalizing paperwork and getting all in order, so that I can concentrate on growing my partner base. Partner base? Well I will need friends and people to pray with me and for me, to support me in the good times and the bad times.
Tonight I started doing just that – I spent time with a good friend I made while working for Intoweb. She is such a blessing too. I would like to meet with people to share my vision so that they can journey with me.

Also please note that I’m working at a job and I haven’t had much time to spend on this – a partner base is more important to me than a blog, for the moment…

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