The first November weekend in the year 2017

My weekend started off being peculiar in stranger ways than you might think. I had three episodes of those awful lightheaded feelings and I was constantly drinking water hoping that my mouth would come back to the wet side of life. Dry mouth is one of the side effects of forgetting to take your medication or not having enough of it.

I was pretty shocked that I managed to forget to take my pills even though I had reminders on my phone. And then for some wacky reason I decided to take just five instead of fifteen. Since my judgement was badly out of sync with myself, the mornings went from bad to worse. This was a bad weekend to try get anything done. I woke up before lunchtime and then felt as though I had been cheated out of time so I went to bed later, but this made the corruption worse off.

By Sunday my brain was downstairs and refused to take a hike back to the top floor until I flushed it back into where it belongs. I have a feeling that my behavior changed too. Although after lunch I chose to do the most exciting thing and this kicked my brain into gear. I took apart the washing machine drum. I used my Dremel to cut away the rusted metal bolt that kept the drum in place. Made a mistake too by removing the plastic drum first. I found plastic bits in my hair before jumping into bed.

What did I learn from this experience?

Jump back into your medication without changing anything to try be clever, unless you desire a ruined weekend!

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