A pagan day and other yays

(Skip the first three paragraphs for the yays.)

I’ve come to disagree with Christmas and how Christians are fed and believe stuff that’s just dumb to believe. I used to believe that it’s really important to fill your life with church. I don’t anymore because of people. Sure we have our flaws, but when everything is in the same, the walls keep crumbling.

It’s all about marketing and getting as many people to come as possible. Oh yeah and just on the side, if you start believing in Jesus then there’s a small celebration FOR the church, not the person who decided to believe and follow Jesus.

It’s not just Christmas or Easter or any other special day. It’s every Sunday. They protest that it’s as per the Bible, but exclusions are rampant. Exclusions vary depending on the church, so none actually follow what the Bible prescribes.

Now for the yays part!

I’m going to be sharing what I know and have learnt about piano technology soon. It will also serve as a reminder for me that pianos are awesome and there’s no form of piano that beats or comes close to the real thing. Not even Steinway’s latest greatest Always in tune pianos.

Reading books is something that I am focusing on to distract my mind from pianos just a small bit and reignite my creativity. My new Kindle is great for this cause I get to actually hold a book and read it – even though it means getting used to the new ways to turn pages and find books I was reading.

I bought a windscreen motor to play with as it has the torque needed for a new project I’m working on.
I fixed my windscreen washer. Algae had infested the reservoir. To clean it and diagnose the problem, I had to remove the reservoir. Fun car mechanic me.

I’m too skilled. Go autism! Postie is going to ruin my formatting cause I didn’t hack the new update.

Have a happy yay day and thanks for reading!

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