Siblings and the shower

So I have an awesome brother – Steven permanently loaned me his iPhone 5. Part of the idea around me obtaining an iPhone, somehow in the future, was to load tuning software. The irony is that this year for our exams, we have to learn how to tune the scale by ear!

I took a selfie of me while lying down and posted it as my Facebook profile picture. The first comment I received from a friend who last saw me mid 2014. He said that I am looking bigger!

At school I was criticized for being thin and sickly around my face and neck area. So now that I have filled out some skin I’m criticized for being bigger than I once was? I’m sorry, but that makes no sense to me. 

If I look down at my gut, then yes I am putting on weight in the wrong form. I call that lazy fat and I wish I had found Tang Soo Do a few years ago.

The only problem I have now is that I developed a nice habit of being lazy without people knowing about it! I’m finding it challenging to keep from doing nothing most of every day, but when I do things I wish I could keep going – I love doing things!?!

One thing I have always wanted is a clock or timer in the shower. I fell up some stairs at UP on the afternoon of the Passion tour. The cover of my phone took a dent and the bottom of the screen got scratched through the screen protector. A few days later Karen, my lovely sister, offered to buy me a cover for my phone – I pick and she pays (me back).

New World has a huge selection of iPhone 6 covers and one or two iPhone 5 covers hidden behind and between all the other phone covers. I think customers don’t put things back where they find them and the shop is not a library.

After an hour of searching I found a case that offered drop protection and a few other perks.

And then behind some Galaxy covers I found MY cover. A bright lumo-red waterproof adventure pink rimmed cover. Yes, I said pink. It rather suits my colourful attire to a T, and it was the last cover of its kind in the shop! So no complaints from my end, because it works as a timer in the shower and that is all I needed.

I’m considering a vegetable garden. It will be something to do when I get home. Currently there are dead strawberries in a 3m x 4.5m patch. Then there are plants taking over the middle patch which is slightly smaller. The third patch is the smallest and has some dead beanstalks in it.

I’ll have to prepare the soil before I even think of planting any seeds, but that should be a separate post on its own!