Getting ready to leave

This month had been dragging on, but in the last two weeks it started gaining momentum very quickly. Right now it’s quite hectic! Last week I made contact with an elder who I trusted could help me from Eastside Community Church – then I found myself having a meeting with the elders. A step I thought would only come after many discussions with individuals. I’m doing things backwards, which is really awkward for me. Well I’m glad it happened, because out of that I got to spend time with one of the elders, Deon. I did not have the whole picture of what I needed until he asked a bunch of questions and drew a diagram to better my understanding; I knew most of what he told me, but I saw that I did not have a complete understanding of it all. Deon gave (showed) me perspective: I began all this during a very quiet period, December-January. I didn’t see that hurdle when I started. I saw quite clearly that I wrote my letter on the assumption that readers knew me quite well, so I could leave out detail and fit everything in on one page. I should not have done that. I’m sure many people got the wrong impression about me and what I was going to do with my life (in the next few years). I have removed my letter from the facebook group and have directed folks to my blog instead. I don’t want more people to misunderstand me before they know who I really am and what I will be doing. I will try my best to send newsletters and prayer requests, and to keep this blog updated. I’m not sure how much email time I’ll get though I will be writing a journal. I also think that I may have put too much on my plate simply because I know too much web! I still have lots to do now before I leave for MDT on Tuesday afternoon. I just wanted to keep you updated with what is happening so that you know that I have not given up, and because it looks like my blog doesn’t show as much information as the facebook group did. Ps. This post has been sitting on my phone since last week. Busy being busy…

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