A visit to Logos Hope is better than nothing!

My first and second plans were cut short, excuse the pun, because of several unexpected reasons. I didn’t have a third plan, so I decided to try get past this ship idea yet again. I was sure that God didn’t want me to have anything to do with the ship, since I the previous time I tried.

My parents offered to help me get to Richards Bay to visit Logos Hope for a few days. I accepted their offer after God answered my questions in the life group (cell group, and I don’t know why it changed its name). I guess I have new hope in Logos Hope, the ship and serving on it for two years after completing my apprenticeship.

I’m now starting to plan the visit, and hoping that I get to watch the ship coming into the harbour and docking. I hope they allow me that one wish, since there is no Vision Team and my thumb stopped me from volunteering in Richards Bay.

Guess there’s one person I look forward to seeing the most. She was my first friend during MDT who was heading for the ship! Ivy, I’m coming for you…