I’m sore

Not sure how to put this, but I’m sore in more ways than one.

This morning I woke up unable to get out of bed – my upper middle back.
When I tried for the last time to slip out of bed, I had a shower and heard Rex getting sick when I stepped out the cubicle.

As of typing this, I cannot recall what I did between drying off and getting dressed when the gate alarm sounded. I know I went to the computer room to look for something because I came from that room before frantically getting dressed.

My room stinks of paint fumes. The open windows and fan have helped in a small way. I’m sure the lovely smell will put me to sleep quickly?!
A small project to lighten up my room – I sleep in a bland creamy-walled room. I need a thin coloured line pulling my attention to a colourful notice board that I intend to use more frequently.

I planned how to paint the thin red line, but my ideas were knocked down because according to dad it is impossible to paint the line using masking tape. Once I do have the line I would like to paint piano tuning related pictures. I aim to prove the impossible is possible…

My About.me profile got a lovely change. I took out the fellowship line. My church building brings back horrible memories. I have been encouraged to go back to my home church and some friends have suggested another church. Having been hurt many times with people not accepting my hurt and yelling at me to forgive and forget like the bible tells me to, I am now very confused and refuse to remain in a place where I’m taken for a ride to nowhere.

At the moment Christian fellowship is taking a break, including missions and the idea that I can help communities. I guess I should have listened to the folks that said I’m not in a sending church?

So where does this leave me?
Taking care of myself alone like I always used to do. I’m rebooting.
If this leaves you thinking that I’m trying to manipulate you into feeling sorry for me and whatever, then throw that thought out please.

I’m looking for two-way friendship, even though the root word ‘friend’ eludes me. I will expand on that in a later post.