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For those that haven’t read in my last newsletter, I will repeat myself :P
I’m doing an apprenticeship in Piano Tuning. I started mid January and have been enjoying every moment, except for the fact that I’m finding we are going a bit too fast for my learning curve.

I started without knowing what to expect, besides learning how to tune and fix the odd mechanics inside the piano. I’m not the only apprentice. There are three of us and the age-gap is amusing for me! Paulo is 50, Jason (Morgi) is 25 and I’m 31. I have heard that there will be another person joining us in the near future – will be good to have a lady in our group.
There were two other guys that looked keen to stay, but they left cause they wanted to pursue other things in their young lives. How many other things have I tried before landing up in the Piano Tuning world? Loads, but I’ll leave that for a separate post…

Back to the title. Learning is fast-paced and some days things just go over my head, but that’s okay because we’re all human. When I’m not in the “lectures” that happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m going through the material in the file and practicing important skills like Unison tuning for an example. I have been going to see different doctors on the days in between the “lectures” where I have been able to learn more about myself in a few good ways.

After going to my first Association for Autism support group meeting in February, I learnt of a facebook group called, “Ask me, I’m Autistic.” In this group I can ask anything! I haven’t asked everything yet, but I have been reading most of the posts and discovering things that I thought I did was not normal, is actually normal for people like me. Plus that group is littered in suggestions and good advice from both therapists and adult autistics.

I have also learnt something about the computer program called Blender. I had high hopes in learning how to edit videos in it, after spending loads of time reading tutorials. I edited a video that I uploaded to youtube in another free video editing program. Why not in Blender? Simply because I had forgotten how to use it in three weeks of not using it after going through one tutorial on the basics. Only a few people know the complete story and where this video is – I will keep my privacy on that one!
If I want to learn how to use Blender, then I have to spend a whole lot more time working through tutorials. I honestly don’t think I have the time for that, let alone script and film a video for that matter.
Also, youtube has changed its policies and ownership rights to content you create, but that’s another story altogether!

Between learning everything to do with Piano Tuning and Asperges Syndrome, I’m trying to learn Ruby on Rails so that I can create an online program (for ministry) that I have dreamed of for a very long time. If I do launch it, then I need my own dedicated server preferably in South Africa. I worked for About IT Online and saw first-hand their infrastructure and network speeds, so I’d go with them. Yes there is a “but” – I doubt that I can afford my own South African hosted VPS. It shall remain a pipedream for now…

I do have a hard time learning new things in new environments. I am however going to strive to learn as much as I can about Pianos. It may take me longer to understand all the new concepts than I first expected, but because it is so technical, I’m loving the knowledge.
Also now that I know I’m an Aspie, I also know what can and cannot be done in a realistic sense.

Life since MDT?
I have flash-backs of many aspects in the training and really miss the many friends I made. In the end, I’m thankful that I had the oppertunity to go through the Missions Descipleship Program.

And now there are exactly seven hundred words for the count!

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