Day two since I sliced my thumb open

There is no Day one post yet.

This morning I woke up at 3am and managed to fall back to sleep around 5am. I had the last pill in the house containing brufen.
I postponed fetching the car at the office till the afternoon, because I slept till 8am to have breakfast and medication. I went back to bed and got woken up at 11am. I do not recall what I did, because I remember the kitchen, being called for lunch and reluctantly getting out of bed!

After lunch, I completed the application form for the DEEP program for Logos Hope and sent it off. The exciting part is that Raymond gave me the “go ahead” to experience the ship so that I can make an informed decision about serving on the ship for two years in the future!

#ThumbsUp is the new “funny” around the office, which is true in the diving sense too – I’m high on pain killers.

I’m drowsy and take more than forever to do a simple task, like tying this blog :P
Right now due to the confusion of pain killers, I can feel my thumb. I don’t want to overdose on paracetamol, so I’m withstanding the pain till midnight. If I sleep through past midnight then that’s a bonus – Ten minutes ago I started the sentence before the hyphen!

I have postponed my ninety days of brilliance till I can use my hand again.
Maybe I’ll wire up my UPS tomorrow or finish painting my balance board which I still need to cut a small hollow in the underside before I paint it…