What do I do right now?

I'm hungry and not in the mood for sleeping. I know I should be asleep but I don't know how to sleep.

I remember seeing a peanut butter snack bar in the room next door. Is it still there?
I couldn't remember exactly where it was located on the top of the cupboard, nor could I see very well with my left eye. I had just typed a few sentences on my phone for a new blog post and so my eye was not so sensitive to tiny shades of light. I stepped around the obstacles around the cupboard on the floor and made sure that I wasn't going to topple over. My left hand gently made its way down to the level of the cupboard's tabletop surface. I felt nothing but paper and a small glass bottle. My right hand came down on a whim that the bar could have been seen on the other side and it won the prize!
I bumped into the crackling plastic foil and then grabbed the bar with glee. I made a beeline for my bed. Once inside my bed under the covers I picked up my phone to blog about the magical adventure!

Putting my phone down I grabbed the snack bar and tried to open it as quickly and quietly as I could. Once opened I snapped off a piece of peanut butter granola and popped it into my mouth. It was food to my mouth. Then I realized that I needed saliva to consume the small piece of pure delight in my mouth. The other realization was that I could munch this faster if I sat up.

A photographic darkroom taught me how to feel for things, as well as water dripping into my eyes during a shower at home. I place the soaps I need in any order next to me on the shelf and then feel them as I need them. A red light in a black room with three trays of liquid, tongs, a "wash line" and pegs, paper in heavy black plastic bags inside a box, a timer attached to the light that illuminated the paper below through a film filter, and a few rolls of B&W film. That was the easy part, because you could see what you were handling with that red light. The challenging and rewarding part was when the roll of film had to be developed.

Pitch black. No light in sight on site. Black darkness and a canister of light sensitive film. Carefully opening up the canister, removing the film and threading it into the developing spool. Once on the developing spool, the spool would be placed in a light-tight (sealed) container and once the lid felt firmly screwed into place, a light would be available to be used.

Far from developing anything, I'm too lazy to stretch across my bad to turn on the lights. I'm too hungry for that. I wolf down the snack bars (there are two in the pack) and listen to the night sounds.

That last paragraph didn't happen. I imagined that completely. I'm still hungry because I haven't had any snack besides the tiny piece of ten minutes ago! Down goes the phone and up comes the first of the two pieces of snack bar. It's gorgeous wet with saliva. Those flavours of peanut and brown sugar with a hint of golden syrup is oh so satisfying, especially when swallowed.

On the topic of night sounds, I can hear cars and the odd truck traveling on the N1 highway. The pool pump is humming along, pumping water through the filter. My dad just gulped some air. And there's a lost bird outside.

I got some hide glue that I want to try out in my wax heating pot. I have a small instrument that I'd like to try put together before next week.

My last snack has gone down and should be taking me with it, but I'd rather not climb in to an acid bath. I don't want that siren topped emergency vehicle to come to my rescue!

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