My next step after MDT

It has been too long since I typed an update :o(

My next step is the Love Africa conference in Zambia 1-4 August, but I’m going earlier to help install some sound/lighting/video equipment in the newly built hall for the conference. I will be going up early with two OM Africa guys for some practical work and I’m rather eager to leave!

I leave for Zambia on Monday morning (21 July) and arrive back in South Africa on 5 August. Today I got most of my things sorted. Tomorrow I start with malaria medication and tidy my room here on the base after packing everything into my car. I’ll finish some paperwork and then go home home (two home words in a row, because the OM base still feels like home to me, and it’s an MDT inside joke too). Once there I’ll pack my bags and weigh them. On Sunday I rest – I have not managed to have a good rest after MDT. Been busy winding down from an epic life changing experience :oD

I have been living on faith since last year December. I continue living by faith as I trust God to show me my next step after the trip to Zambia! Please pray with me through this next step.
I know that I have been lousy with writing newsletters, so I plan to write a long 300 page essay/newsletter to catch up!

That was a joke if you are not laughing by now?
When I get back from Zambia I hope to be able to share what happened after the Lesotho outreach, which was a long, long, long time ago!!

ps. Now that MDT is over, I have changed the fund-raiser-metre to show what my current spend is for this next step. I’m just showing you what my current need is…

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