Easter Break

weiter-raum.jpg28 March – 5 April

I was one of six trainees to have the privilege of going to Heinrich’s home for the Easter break at Weiter Raum Private Estate, past Rustenburg in the North West province.

I met half his family when they came to pick us up – His dad, Fouche; His cousins, Katrina and Daniel. Our transport was a double-cab. The girls, Ginnie and Lea, decided to jump in the back with Katrina and Daniel. Samuele decided to join them, because where he comes from, it is illegal to ride in the back! Tammy, Valentin and I sat in the back seat.
We left shortly after 13:00, Lesotho time, and arrived at Heinrich’s home in the late afternoon of Friday 28th March.

We were welcomed by Heinrich’s mom, Elize, and Daniel his younger brother. His older brother, Fouche Jnr, is on Logos Hope.
Fouche and Elize’s house is really spacious – double- to triple-volume entrance hall cum lounge cum dinning room. The girls slept in the two guest bedrooms downstairs and the boys slept upstairs. After we had put our things down, we went out for a game drive.

about_2_game_driveAs per the tradition at the farm we stopped close to sunset and had a Bokdrol (dung) spitting competition,

bokdrol_spittingfollowed by a great sunset photo-shoot!

Then we went home for a well deserved dinner – most of us missed lunch.

Heinrich’s family is quite musical! Guitars, drums and a piano. I could live here with their taste in music!
Before bed all seven of us trainees watched Red 1 & 2! Heinrich, Tammy and I finally went off to bed shortly after eleven, because we didn’t go to bed before the movie ended.

On day two I woke up before 05:15, as per MDT programming! By day three, I have started waking up later and by day five I woke after 07:00. After a morning walk along the driveway down to the gate and back again, about 6km, we had breakfast. Gerhard, Josh, Sibu and a few of Heinrich’s friends came for a visit, and  – we all drove to the dam to have a mud fight and play clay-lat (sp?).

This was followed by a drive back to the house and a quick rinse in the sparkling clean pool. The pool quickly changed to a dark brown-black colour.

mud-line-upThat evening all ten trainees, Gerhard’s brother Jacques and Heinrich’s cousin Kariena went to have supper and camp in the bush. This was lots of fun. My highlight of that experience was hearing the neighboring lions and jackals, as well as a walk with God in the morning for about twenty minutes.

bush_campIn that time, the camp was packed up and Fouche came to pump up the land-rover’s tire. He also took pictures of the group. If you look carefully, you can find me in the background…




sunday_serviceIt was day three, Sunday morning. After breakfast we had a church service. I didn’t play my banjo, because the light was dim and the chords were very hard to make out. My eyes were still in bed, so I sat with my eyes closed and praised God!

Today was a quiet day of reflection.


Monday morning I argued with myself over going to watch the sunrise. I chose to rest so that my body could continue to attain better health! That was a decision I would regret when I saw the photos.

A visit to the mall brought lots of cheer to the whole group. There was a discussion between the foreigners to buy a bunny rabbit for the base. My highlight of the mall was when I saw and bought the book, Boundaries. The bookshop at The Link didn’t have any in stock when we went for our visit there.
For lunch all sixteen of us sat at a long table in Wimpy – most friendly manager ever!

The movie in the evening was, The Book of Eli. I had seen it before, but I enjoyed it more this time.

Tuesday was a relaxed day. Heinrich’s friend Tredeaux came to visit for two days.
Most of us went for a morning walk and as we passed the garage we smelled something rotten. The snakes must have spat out their mice, or something like that. me-shootIt was a good walk, especially after learning how to shoot a rifle and a shotgun. Everyone had a try. The highlight was Tammy’s photo of her after firing the shotgun:
I was able to shoot the target with both the .22 rifle and the shotgun. One stationary small water bottle and one thrown cardboard box. This was great fun!

Wednesday was the day I spent with God. All the other trainees, except Heinrich, went to spend the day and spend the night at Gerhard’s home.
I got to know Heinrich’s family more, and had a good conversation with Fouche about the OM Ship and how I came to do MDT this year. Heinrich, Tredeaux and I went out to shoot some birds, but it started raining while we were walking, so we had to come back to the house.

A lightning storm came by as the sun set. That was awesome to witness! The power went out during supper which then ruled out a movie afterwards, so we played our instruments. Someone decided to ask some ’30 Seconds’ questions, so the instruments got packed away and everyone got at least five chances to ask a card. Bed time came really late!

The cat spent the night with me lying on my bed. I woke up to the roof creaking due to the strong winds of the storm that carried on till about 8:00 in the morning. Fouche, Heinrich and I had breakfast at the wimpy near to where Fouche had his double-cab serviced.

I joined Heinrich, Kariena and the two Daniels for an exercise session. They worked on their legs and right at the end for fun, Heinrich challenged us to pull-ups. I was amused that I managed two pull-ups (my palms were facing away from me) when I thought that I’d barely manage one!

The others came back after 11:30. They had a great time.
After lunch we played and entertaining form of table tennis with all twelve of us running around the table!
me-horseIn the late afternoon we took turns riding the horse. I wasn’t comfortable to go faster than a walk :o)

The two Daniels wanted some help playing minecraft on their computer again – BT games said they had to buy the game again to re-install it, so Daniel didn’t bother trying to play it on his computer anymore. I guess I do miss minecraft, but I do know it leads to lots of time wasted on just playing a game. Re-installing minecraft was very simple, but I wanted to show them Tekkit. Sadly most of the mods do not work with a limit of 1GB of memory – they have 32bit PCs. I’ll admit that I went to bed quite late. I have too much of a drive to get things working, until I figure out that it is impossible to do on their PCs.

me-sunset-roofHeinrich took a few of us up to the roof to watch the sunset. It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t boring either.





We had no idea that we were being photographed…


Friday morning was an early rise. It was the last full day and Heinrich had invited us to go shoot birds. Sadly the birds knew of our plans and kept appearing in places where we were not allowed to shoot :o(
So not birds for breakfast.

I slept after breakfast till lunch. The two Daniels were trying to play multi-player minecraft over the LAN and asked me for help. I helped them and then joined their game. Fouche was taking everyone to see the buffaloes. I didn’t go…

After the last supper Fouche and Elize shared what they saw in each of us during the week. This was encouraging. The movies were Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2. I decided to rather to make a start of a build of an undersea underground city, so that the Daniels can build inside the cave. That was entertaining, because I kept going to watch the movies!

Saturday was a long day. I made sure of it, because it was the last day of the Easter break. I enjoyed this break and tried to play my banjo everyday. The 5th of April came by so quickly. The day started with a game drive. We saw many animals and I did my usual trick of taking random photos with my useless camera on my phone. One or two of the shots came out quite well.random-gamedrive-shotAt breakfast, Elize shared a bible passage and a word for each of us that added on to what was said after supper. While our bags were packed into the trailer I asked Elize to clarify a few things for me – I didn’t quite understand one or two of the things she said earlier. I’m glad I did, because now I’m quite certain that the rigid lead box (life) that I have been living in has been broken – I need to focus on God, not people, for how I should live my life.

It will take a bit of time to get used to the food and timetable at the base again, but that should only take a day?! It was good to see familiar faces again. I spent the evening after supper and next day after breakfast to finish up this post that I started on Thursday.

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